Stories of food / Experiences

25 March 2019
The secret of Filippi products is in the research, selection and care of the finest ingredients, in the name of authenticity.
26 December 2018
A few days before Christmas I had the pleasure of receiving an invitation for a day in Venice, made nice by a lunch a bit 'alternative for what is the Venetian habit.
Coffee Affogato
15 August 2018
I am a coffee addict, I love the ritual of the hot cup taken by the barista and placed under the steaming jet, slow and aromatic that will help my day starting with the right tone.
12 April 2018
The kingdom of vegetables: Morgan opens the doors of his lab and gets us to work.
06 April 2018
A visit to the "La trattoria di Palmerino", where Chef Chemello revelead us the secrets for a perfect baccalà.