A fish soup that comes from the Venetian maritime tradition: fragrances that remember a boat trip, with the smell of sea water in the nose.
Spring comes at its best when you find sweet and tender peas on the greengrocer's stalls. And in Veneto, in addition to Risi and Bisi, even with tagliatelle they go great.
If you like wet cakes too, you have to try this. A scent of vanilla and lemon that meet the amazing aroma of rosemary: it will become your favorite.
For those dinners you need to prepare it quickly and with few ingredients, this frittata is perfect.
When the season comes, I can't resist doing a strawberry binge despite the itching they give me. And well, first I eat them all and then I scratch myself. Today I want to share the recipe of my favorite tart and some secrets for a delicious match with cream.
Here we are with a nice savoury, colored tart with a touch of dried tomatoes perfectly matching with the slightly herbal and liquid taste of the asparagus. Quick, it's still the perfect season!
A sweet bread, perfect for snacks even more delicious if cut in half and spreaded with jam, but also great with a simple good cup of tea.